Nikole Leola

Getting to know my personality and my background will help you to know if I am the most suitable person as a coach and thus you will make your choice…

I’m a sensitive and enthusiastic woman, curious about discoveries and benevolent, who follows her instincts and desires for balance and harmony. A woman who loves the pleasures and joys of simple life with the conviviality of celebration and sharing and the pleasure of refocusing on oneself in nature or in a calm and silent place.

Personal, family, geographical and social changes following several moves and life choices with a long family life as an ex-wife and mother of two grown children and a life as an independent single woman. A varied professional career in personal services, recruitment and management within several sectors of activity (hotel business, consulting firm, health). Professions practiced with passion with many encounters.

These activities have allowed me to acquire an important knowledge of human nature, of very good communication, of the analysis of a situation and the setting up of an organization, of permanent reactivity.

Who knew how to question himself and reveal his adaptability to people and organizations for his own well being and that of others.

My passion for human beings, my interest in positive psychology as well as my life path and my personal development naturally led me to become a personal development coach.

Being a life coach is an important responsibility and I am happy to participate in the development of all the people I accompany. Welcome to The Development Advisor.