Vietnam: Chinese International Visitor Arrivals

Vietnam: Chinese International Visitor Arrivals

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Vietnam Chinese Tourist Visitor International Arrival

Mark Gwyther from MGT Management Consulting in Vietnam emailed over the chart above. According to him:

The most interesting fact:  In June 2009, there were as many American visitors to Vietnam as Chinese.  By June 2013, there were 3.8 times as many Chinese as American visitors to Vietnam.

Noticing the absence of Russian visitor arrivals I asked Mark about it. His reply:

The Vietnam National Admin of Tourism didn’t break out Russian tourists on their website until last December (with a few exceptions). While they are the fastest growing market, last month’s numbers are still about the same amount as France. Also, since the high season is winter, the lack of history makes the trend look like it is going down (from high season to low).

The Russian market is definitely interesting to us over here. Their effect is very concentrated between Nha Trang and Phan Thiet. Almost all of them fly in through Cam Ranh airport and they stay away from the HCMC and Hanoi.

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