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District cooling is land use intensive in terms of land required for the cooling plant as well as and right of way for pipes.

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Why Use District Cooling ?

Andrew  —  October 29, 2011

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District Cooling

Andrew  —  October 29, 2011

District cooling is based on the centralised plant concept. You get your drinking water supply from pipes linked back to water treatment plant. You get power from power cables linking back to the power station. Similarly, for air-conditioning you can get chilled water via pipe network linked back to a centralised district cooling plant.

In a conventional approach building owners install their own air-conditioning equipment. District cooling is the alternative collective approach where available – and that’s usually in new land development projects.  You pay an upfront connection fee and pay for chilled water as you use. No equipment capex, no electricity, and no operating cost.

In the next installment we look at Why Use District Cooling ?

Photo: Omar Chatriwala