Sri Lanka: New resort and tourism development locations

Sri Lanka: New resort and tourism development locations

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We previously covered Sri Lanka’s traditional resort development coastline here. It spans mainly the country’s South and South Western coast. Now the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority has identified several new locations for tourism development. Aside from the earlier designated location of Pasikkudah the other areas are:

  • The islands around Kalpitiya
  • Kuchchaveli
  • Nilaveli
  • Yala Palatupana

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has identified several new areas which are ideal to promote the tourism industry, Director, Tourism Planning and Development, P.U. Ratnayake said.

He said that the islands in Kalpitiya and the Nilaveli and Kuchchaveli areas in the Trincomalee district are suitable for tourism promotion. Projects in these areas will help provide accommodation to tourists expected to exceed 2.5 million by 2016.

According to Ratnayake, tourism projects will be implemented in fourteen islands. Four islands have already been leased out to investors.

Ratnayake said that development work at Pasikkudah is proceeding smoothly.

.  .  .  the business community from abroad may buy lands to construct tourist hotels including the islands in Kalpitiya

Another area identified by the SLTDA is Yala Palatupana, opposite the Yala National Park entrance, a stretch of nearly 400 acres.This project will be implemented as wildlife resort project. Seven to eight hotels will be constructed within the area. Investors have already been selected.

The Yala tourism resort project consists of hotel projects and camp sites.

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