Does the location of Sentosa Cove Marina One Degree 15 enhance Sentosa...

Does the location of Sentosa Cove Marina One Degree 15 enhance Sentosa as a destination?

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Andrew Leong, Contributor

Sentosa Island Marina One Degree 15

Did Sentosa Island miss an opportunity to fully integrate with the Sentosa Cove Master Plan?

On the surface Sentosa Cove looks like its planned as a stand alone development at the eastern side of Sentosa Island. While some properties address golf course views others at the southern tip are closed off from access to the main beaches. But the key question is: why is the marina located where it’s located? 

One Degree 15 Marina

One Degree 15 Marina is the central organizing element in the entire Sentosa Cove master plan. It sits mid-way between the northern and southern part of this resort-residential project. Nothing wrong with that if you’re master planning only Sentosa Cove. But what if you are master planning the entire Sentosa Island? Putting aside issues related to shipping traffic, is the current marina location really the best for Sentosa island as a whole?

A Better Marina Location that’s both Prominent & Accessible ?

I’ve no idea whether the planners considered alternative marina locations. If they did, I believe the southern tip of Sentosa island (circled in red) would have been a much better location. Why?

Further Engage the Beach Front

A marina located here can be planned as a sizable counter point to the hotels and beach clubs that begins from Rasa Sentosa at the western tip. Currently, the eastern tip has a disappointing lack of activity. This is because the Capella Singapore, The Sentosa Resort & Spa and the Sentosa Golf Clubhouse are all located on a ridge above the beach. They don’t add any value to the beach front. A publicly accessible marina on the water front will.

Accessibility & Attraction

The marina can be planned as a semi-public transition space between the private resort-residential neighborhood of Sentosa Cove and the public beaches. Residents should be able to easily access the public beaches through this semi-public gateway while non-residents get to enjoy the sight of yachts parked at the marina. Right now neither can happen without major accessibility considerations.

Maximizing F&B Options

It’s an excellent location for independent higher end F&B that serves both residents and visitors to Sentosa island. Unless you’re a member of the marina there’s very limited F&B choice within Sentosa Cove itself. If you’re a resident do you want to drive out every time you want a quick meal?  On the other hand I’m very sure some visitors are willing to pay a premium to dine at the marina.

Geographically Prominent

If for nothing else a marina here will be prominent simply for the fact it’s the only marina at actual tip of the Asia continent. It’s a unique marketing point for Sentosa.

A Better Land Development Strategy

As you can see the existing marina location is situated away from the public realm. It may be good for Sentosa Cove but does not enhance Sentosa island as a whole. Can we begin to see why the alternative site is such a win-win location? Would this have been a better land development strategy?


Location Map

Image: Google Earth

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