Land Development : Consultants for Physical Planning

Land Development : Consultants for Physical Planning

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For the Physical Planning there are three cornerstone consultants that you need:

  • Master Planner
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cost Consultant (Quantity Surveyor)

Your master planner will be responsible for:

  • Site planning and layout of developable areas, parks and landscapes, services (eg utility right of ways, sewer treatment plants & electrical substations), public institutional requirements (eg schools, police & fire stations),  roads and other public transport access, among others.
  • Determining the zoning, density, setbacks, height limits and access of each developable site.

Your Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for:

  • Determining the cut and fill levels and ensuring it nets off equally as much as possible.
  • Routing and sizing of the drainage and water pipes, power cables & substations, sewer lines, pumping stations and sewer treatment plants, ICT capacity and routing.
  • Depending on the scale and density of the project there could also be a significant role traffic engineers responsible for designing the vehicular right of ways, traffic junctions and traffic light management systems.
  • Again, depending on the type of development there could also be a significant role for a landscape architect if there are parks and public spaces.

Your Cost Consultant will be responsible for:

  • Costing all the earth works, above and below ground infrastructure specified by the other consultants.

These are the basic three consultants required for physical planning of your land development project.  In the case where district cooling and pneumatic waste collection is employed there will be another added layer of engineering required for layout of pipes and plants.  In the following posts you will be looking at consultants for market analysis.

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