Which Type of Resort Hotel Should You Develop ?

Which Type of Resort Hotel Should You Develop ?

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There are generally two broad types of Resort Hotels.

Mass Market

Tourist class hotel

The mass market resort hotel generally caters to the general tourist market. They can be hitting a 1,000 rooms and managed by well known international hotel management companies. Here guests are generally more concerned about pricing, general hotel upkeep, and what the destination offers in terms of shopping, sports, sightseeing, etc.  Families prefer these hotels as there are activities to keep the kids entertained and other guest are less likely to fuss about children making noise in the pool!


Boutique resort hotel development

On the other end of the spectrum you’ve got the small boutique hotel with less than 100 rooms. They can be managed by large hotel management companies as well as niche hotel operators but usually the latter. These resorts cater to different guest needs compared to mass market resorts. Of course, this is a broad generalization as overlaps occur. The guest in a boutique resort prefers some peace and relaxation, get away from the crowd, and generally a no fuss environment. They’re usually young couples or retirees taking a break from a harsh winter. A pleasant well landscaped environment plays an important role.

Your decision to develop a boutique or mass market resort hotel depends on factors like market accessibility, market maturity, pricing,  and site conditions.

[Note: the term mass market may connote mid-market pricing while the term boutique may connote luxury pricing but it’s not necessarily the case. There are boutique properties that are priced for the mid market as well as large properties that are priced high end. A lot depends on the location].

Photos : Medesmond, Brave Heart

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