Banyan Tree Bintan: Nature as a Prime Asset

Banyan Tree Bintan: Nature as a Prime Asset

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Andrew Leong, Contributor

Banyan Tree Bintan Pool

Nature in a resort development site can be turned into a prime asset. For tourism markets that love nature this can be an attraction in an off itself.  You’re immediately associated with being ‘Green’ and eco-friendly.

See how Banyan Tree Bintan has successfully integrated the resort into the existing coastal forest.  The site planning and construction may take more time  but you’re ultimately differentiating your resort property in a unique way. Best of all your resort competition cannot copy the natural landscape – it’s one of a kind.

Consider this, striped of its forest do you think Banyan Tree Bintan can maintain its pricing and occupancy?

Banyan Tree Bintan. Mature trees are protected.
Banyan Tree Bintan. Villas on stilts minimise earth works.
Banyan Tree Bintan. The natural landscape is left mostly in its original condition.


Location Map

Photos: Soulrider & Banyan Tree

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