Don’t Select the Wrong Architect for Your Resort!

Don’t Select the Wrong Architect for Your Resort!

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Resort architect selection

In the previous post, How To Choose Your Architect, we covered the basics you should consider before appointing an architect.

In this post we touch on why choosing an architect for a unique and not so common development type – the resort hotel, is critical if you want to stand out from the crowd.

There are many types of resort hotels in the region. They are found in tourism destinations like Sri Lanka, Bali, Phuket, Bintan, Langkawi, the Malaysian Highlands, and many places along the coast or islands in Asia. Resort hotels can be as large as 600 rooms or as small as 10 rooms. They span the mass market mid-end to the upper-end boutique market.

Reasons Why

Now why is selecting an architect for a resort hotel so important?

Here are some reasons I can think of:

  • The resort hotel is a get away to relax and unwind. You want an architect who knows how to create this feel.  Ask yourself, do you want your resort hotel to feel like a business hotel?
  • The resort hotel is a high risk asset class totally dependent on discretionary spending. You want to target your hotel at that segment of the market that is recession proof.  And your architect has to know the taste of that market!
  • The resort hotel has practically no secondary F&B income compared to city hotels. You depend strictly on in-house guests for the F&B! You want to make sure they’re happy not only with the food but also with the restaurant’s atmosphere. This is an important point if you’ve got long staying guests – you don’t want them dining out too often do you?
  • If the resort architect is well known in design circles you can enjoy the publicity in the architecture and design media as well.

If Not ?

These factors make it vital that you select the right architect.  The lesser choice could translate into less than optimal hotel revenues. It could also mean an earlier than scheduled refurbishment to get it right on market.

Whether your resort is designed right or not you’re still paying about the same for construction! So why not have it designed right from the start!

In follow up posts we shall discuss what to look for in selecting a resort architect and the economics of resort hotel development.

Photo by : Pierre Lesage

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