Why Resort Energy Efficiency Specialist is important

Why Resort Energy Efficiency Specialist is important

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Robert Allender, Contributor

Was there an energy efficiency expert on the design team for the last hotel you were involved with?  Chances are, the answer is “no”. And why not? The benefits are clearly measured in profitability.

Lack of Energy Efficiency Leadership

Sure, the architect knew plenty about making hotels energy efficient.  And the consulting mechanical and electrical engineer knew plenty about making hotels energy efficient.  Without a doubt the operator’s VP Technical Services also knew plenty about making hotels energy efficient.  Nor was the owner disinterested in the long-term operating costs of this new hotel he was funding.  But still that hotel has come up short of the energy consumption profile it could have achieved.  In many case, w-a-a-a-y short.

The problem is, all these individuals have their own performance criteria, their own agendas, both when they are in their offices doing their work, and when they are sitting at a design meeting or project meeting, fitting their part with everyone else’s.  And although “energy efficiency” appears somewhere of each of their agendas, unfortunately it is not anywhere near the top.

The Energy Efficiency Specialist

The answer to this problem is found in the energy efficiency specialist.  In fact the initiative for appointing the energy efficiency expert is likely to come from someone already at the table.  It might come from the owner, who wants to enjoy the fruits of lower energy costs for the next 20 or 30 years.  The prospect of lowering net costs by 50 percent is not a bad incentive.  It might come from the operator, who will get a much smaller share of those fruits, but will also benefit from happier guests and staff if all the energy services deliver to perfection.  It might even come from the architect or M&E consultant, either of whom may have recognised that something has to change if excellence is ever going to be achieved.

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