Puteri Harbour Voted Iskandar’s Top Waterfront Residential Neighborhood

Puteri Harbour Voted Iskandar’s Top Waterfront Residential Neighborhood

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Puteri Harbor Voted Iskandar Top Residential Waterfront Sep 2013

Iskandar’s Waterfront Residential Neighborhoods Location Map

Iskandar Malaysia Waterfront Residential Property


We run a few polls on this site gathering direct reader opinion. One of these polls gauges reader opinion on Iskandar Malaysia’s coastal waterfront residential neighborhoods – of which there are five as seen in the map above. You can read more about that here.

Since January 2013 we’ve been asking readers which location they believe will eventually turn out to be Iskandar’s most popular high-end waterfront neighborhood, and correspondingly which will be the most popular mass-market waterfront neighborhood.

Why the need to poll? Well, these locations (we shall use this interchangeably with ‘neighborhoods’) are all large greenfield / brownfield developments scattered across the southern tip of peninsula Malaysia. You may have a more impressive looking master plan than the next guy but the real test is really how the real estate market sees the distinction between these locations.

Keep in mind all these neighborhoods are still in infancy stage – supporting civil infrastructure is already in place but has not been fully built up as of now (October 2013). Yet people already get a sense of which will eventually turn into high-end neighborhoods and which into mass market locations. Also, bear in mind the dark horse in the race for most popular can even be Medini South (Sunway Group) as they have yet to disclose their new master plan.

As of now, Puteri Harbour is well ahead of the other locations as the prime high-end neighborhood with over 50% of the votes. While Danga Bay has been voted the most popular mass market neighborhood with 37% of the votes (bottom poll).

All these neighborhoods are still at the very early stages of development. The first few residential projects are only starting to be completed. There are many more years before the entire Iskandar coastal belt is developed. Let’s see whether these locations can maintain their leads.

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