Vietnam: Phan Rang Beach Resort Development Land

Andrew  —  February 4, 2013


Sale Summary

Phan Rang City, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam
Beach Land (for Commercial Development)
US$ $1,432,000, CN¥ 8,918,491
7.16 hectares (71,600 square meters ; + 2.9 hectares of beach/water rights )
Price per sq.m US$ 20/sq.m, CN¥ 125/sq.m
Ownership Structure:
50 year lease beginning May 2008. Lease is owned by a single asset joint stock company that can be sold.
Property Name
Coral Beach Resort / Ninh Chu Bay Resort
MGT Management Consulting, Ltd.
Mark Gwyther, Tel.: +84 (0)90 897 1299,

Location Map


Resort Land Description

This beach land property has it all! Firstly, its location near Nha Trang and the Cam Ranh International Airport in southern Vietnam is excellent. Moreover, this is a highly sought after tourist resort destination for travelers. It’s the ideal spot to develop a high-end resort, as there is a proven business model in the area for resorts.

Over 7 hectares of beautiful beach land with 700 meters of waterfront, plus 3 additional hectares of beach/water rights. The land is shovel-ready, and it already has a small seawall protecting the development from high tides and storms.

The property is located in Ninh Chu Bay, one of the 9 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. The property is separate from the other resorts in the bay. The beach is private. It is a 10 minute drive to the busiest highway in Vietnam, 15 minutes from the train station, an hour from the airport. The owners of the 50 year lease will sell the single asset company in order to transfer the lease.


Located in Phan Rang which has the best weather in Vietnam. The area has the least amount of rain and the most sunny days plus year-round warm temperatures.

International Accessibility

Near the Cam Ranh International Airport, one of the largest airports in Vietnam.


All the necessary infrastructure is available around this area. Electricity, water, and a new major coastal road make this a great property for a new resort or resort plus beach villas.

Investment Tax Incentives & Preferential Policies

In addition, the are many attractive tax incentives, lease terms, and Ninh Thuan province offers Preferential Policies for Domestic and Foreign Investment.


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