Appointing Your Project Consultants

Appointing Your Project Consultants

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In the previous post, What Your Development Advisor Needs to Tell You, the information you received brought you to a decision point – whether or not to proceed to the next level. This next level is the Concept Design stage.  If you decide to proceed to Concept Design you will have to obtain the services of project consultants: 

  • Architect
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
  • Cost Consultant (Quantity Surveyor)

Concept Design

At the Pre-concept level we were working with massing or block plans showing the scale of the building. In the concept design stage the consultants will add more detail – area schedules, gross floor areas, net floor areas, pedestrian and vehicular access and circulation, service areas, site plans, floor plans, building sections and facade elevations, and more precise construction costing.

Before meeting with prospective consultants your development manager will have to prepare the design brief specifying the scope, intention and schedule.  This will give consultant the information to evaluate your project and come back with a fee proposal. Your development manager will then review, shortlist and advise on choosing the appropriate architect, engineer and cost consultants on your behalf.

Once work is ongoing your development manager’s key role will be guiding the consultant team in maintaining the development budget, established in the earlier pre-concept stage, as well as keep the project on schedule.

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