Vietnam: Upgrades for Vinh and Cam Ranh Airports

Vietnam: Upgrades for Vinh and Cam Ranh Airports

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Under the upgrade plan for Vinh Airport, a passenger terminal covering about 11,700 square meters will be developed.

It will be built to meet the travel demand of passengers by 2022, with a capacity of two million passengers per year. During peak hours, the terminal can cater for 1,000 passengers.

Because of the drastic increase in travel demand in the central region, at up to 150% per year, the current terminal is overloaded when receiving three A320 aircrafts with 600-800 passengers at the same time.

When the upgrade is complete, Vinh Airport will be able to cater for several high-capacity aircrafts like A320 and A321 at the same time, especially during holidays.

Similarly, Cam Ranh Airport in Khanh Hoa Province will also be upgraded to receive larger aircrafts.

As per the approved plan, Cam Ranh Airport by 2020 will be capable of receiving Boeing B767-300, B777, B747 or equivalent. The airport will be expanded so that it will have 32 parking spots and can cater for 27 planes during peak hours.

By 2020, Cam Ranh Airport will be able to receive 5.5 million passengers and approximately 100,000 tons of goods annually. By 2030, the airport will be able to handle up to eight million passengers and 200,000 tons of cargo a year.

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