Vietnam: Controversial proposal for Son Tra peninsula resort town

Vietnam: Controversial proposal for Son Tra peninsula resort town

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An architect has just proposed building a high-end tourist town in Son Tra Peninsula, aiming to make Danang a major attraction in Asia.

Danang is the most important part of the central and highland regions in terms of urban planning and so is considered a deciding factor in the development of that area of the country. Municipal authorities in Danang have held various conferences on how best to develop the city into a destination in Asia. Among the varied ideas put on the table, that of build a luxurious town on Son Tra Peninsula was the most controversial.

Tran Ngoc Chinh, an architect and president of the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, suggested constructing an entertainment and hospitality complex at the western tip of the peninsula. The residential areas, resorts would be built near the foot of the mountain, close to Tien Sa seaport.

Chinh said, “This proposal has been made to make the most efficient use of this land. It has been estimated that the city will have a land problem once the population hits 2 million. The project will bring diversity in architecture and liven up the scenes, bringing Son Tra closer to Danang. The locations with a view onto the Han River are ideal.”

When asked whether such ideas would be at odds with national security, Chinh said every problem includes national security considerations, as well as environmental and development concerns, must be reviewed carefully before carrying it out. Because of its location, Son Tra is very important for national security. “However, in the context of globalisation, we can have a more open mind and national security is not everything,” Chinh said.

Chinh’s idea has caught attention of the chairman of Danang People’s Committee, Van Huu Chien. According to Chien, such idea are not impossible considering the large strides Danang has taken in urban development and planning.

Chinh said, even though the current airport has been upgraded, it can only accommodate 10 to 12 million passengers per year. According to him, authorities should upgrade Chu Lai Airport to accommodate international flights which could serve the central and highland regions.

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