Sri Lanka: New hotels around Mattala Hambantota airport

Sri Lanka: New hotels around Mattala Hambantota airport

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According to the Colombo Page the Sri Lankan government plans to build 10 star class hotels close to the new international airport in Hambantota.

The Hambantota district MP Namal Rajapaksa detailed the projects at the Hambantota District Coordinating Committee meeting recently.

The MP has described that these hotels will have 150 rooms each and the ten hotels will add 1500 rooms to boost the tourism industry.

These hotels are to be constructed in scenic villages of Mirijjawila, Weerawila, Suriyaweva, Lunugamvehera, Wlipatanwila, Lellopitiya and several others in the area.

Under the plan to increase the accommodations for the expected influx of 2.5 million tourists by 2015 and with the opening of the new international airport, some old hotels in the area are being renovated with modern facilities now, sources said.


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