Sri Lanka: Calamandar redevelops Unawatuna Beach Resort

Sri Lanka: Calamandar redevelops Unawatuna Beach Resort

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There are 85 rooms on this property. So, approximately averaging USD120,000 per room and selling between USD100-150 per night. Within the rule of thumb and sensible.

Unawatuna Beach Resort (fondly known by Sri Lankans as UBR), one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most popular beach resorts, was re-launched as Calamander Unawatuna Beach at a gala event held yesterday.  The Singapore-based Calamander Group, who bought the hotel in October 2011 for close to one billion LKR, has since completely rebuilt the entire set of original buildings, infrastructure, and restaurant; investing a further 350 million LKR in the redevelopment (or USD10 million total).

Elaborating further Roman Scott, Chairman and founder of The Calamander Group said, “The new Calamander Unawatuna Beach maintains a key role in promoting and developing Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, and reaching the 2016 target of 2 million arrivals. For more than forty years, Unawatuna beach and UBR have been hugely popular with the North European market, in particular Germany. The hotel hosts an extraordinary one in ten of all German visitors to Sri Lanka, who proceed to spend over one billion LKR during their two week average stay on the island.”

“Holland, the UK, and Scandinavia tourists are the hotels’ next largest customer base. Most customers are repeat, with a large number loyal to UBR for over a decade. These customers demand higher standards today and no longer just want a nice beach with a mediocre room. Thailand has raised the competitive standards for mid priced hotels in the last decade, and we have set out to lift UBR to match or beat them, and keep our German and other traditional North European markets with us in Sri Lanka, staying at the new UBR” said Mr. Scott.

He further added “. . . Our proposition is to provide 5 star standards at a 4 star price-what I call Affordable Luxury, at the USD 100-150 range, not the USD 200-250 range at five star hotels. . .  We have invested heavily in the public areas, especially the beachside dining facilities, the new bar, and water sports, as this is what our customers come to us for. The focus of the hotel is, and has always been, on the outside environment: the beach, the sea, marine activities . . .”

The Group owns the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf franchise in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and has plans to expand further into other F&B concepts in Sri Lanka.

The Calamander Group is primarily a real estate developer and used to turning around older properties, as it is their core business in Singapore.

Calamander Unawatuna Beach Resort is located directly on Unawatuna Beach, the island’s finest, and now only 1.5 hours from Colombo on the Southern Highway.

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