Sanya: Implements sewage management to protect environment

Sanya: Implements sewage management to protect environment

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Credit to Sanya for investing in basic environment management. Phuket on the other hand does not believe this is important to protect the tourism industry.

The main source of pollution in Sanya Bay’s seawater is urban sewage. In response to the worsening situation, a series of anti-sewage pollution measures have been launched to protect the marine ecosystem and improve the environment of Sanya Bay.

A rainwater and sewage diversion reconstruction project was completed in Sanya Bay at the end of last year to tackle the regional ocean pollution.

After a recent comprehensive inspection, a nearby hotel in Sanya Bay was ordered to improve its management after it was found to be dumping sewage and waste water into the blue sea water.

Along Sanya Bay, a sewage interception project will be built this year and put into operation along the scenic road.

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