Sanya builds more sewage treatment plants

Sanya builds more sewage treatment plants

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Its a good to know when a destination invests to maintain the environment. According to What’s on Sanya:

The related department has announced it is building three more sewage treatment plants this year and current construction on the sewer separation project is expected to be completed by the end of December, which will greatly improve the city’s major water systems.

The three sewage treatment plants are set to be constructed at Yacheng Town, Nanshan Creativity New City and Hongtang Bay.

Work on the rain and sewage separation project, with a sewage pipe covering a total length of 22.73 km, starting at the Hexi Road, Linchunhe Road, Fenghuang Road and Yingbin Road with an investment of 260 million yuan. The project will allow wastewater to flow from existing drainage and be collected for treatment before being discharged into major bodies of water.

Besides, the city will continue the sewer separation project in Sanya Bay and expand the existing sewage treatment capacity in Yalong Bay, Hongsha and Lizhigou areas.

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