Phu Quoc: More hotels needed

Phu Quoc: More hotels needed

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Phu Quoc needs more hotel rooms and better airline connectivity from neighbouring countries.

Kien Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism director, Le Minh Hoang, told the local media that due to the growth in tourism, Phu Quoc Island needed around 3,000 new hotel rooms over the next two to three years to meet increasing demand.

Phu Quoc Island welcomed around 38,000 tourists per month at the start of the year, but the monthly visits are now 70,000. The island has approximately 2,900 rooms, with only 600 rooms that are star ratings.

Phu Quoc International Airport opened at the end of last year creating the platform to expand tourism.

The director added: “By the end of the year, Phu Quoc will have two to three new hotels, but the number of rooms is still small with only 100 to 200 rooms in each project. We need big hotels with 500 to 600 rooms to meet demand.”

The hotel room shortage has made the province reconsider plans to attract overseas tourists to Phu Quoc Island, he said.

“We have to build road and sea routes from Phu Quoc to Thailand and Cambodia, but first we have to deal with the accommodation problems… Thailand and Cambodia have prepared a plan to open up sea tourism, but we want to reconsider it and cooperate with other provinces in the Mekong Delta first,” he said.

In addition, the province will propose that the government open an air route between Phu Quoc and Thailand to promote tourism development. The airport in Phu Quoc can now handle large aircraft.

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