Philippines: Camotes tourism investment expected on natural resource law

Philippines: Camotes tourism investment expected on natural resource law

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More tourism investments are expected to be poured into Camotes Island once a bill rationalizing the management of the natural resources of the island will be signed into law by President Benigno Aquino III.

The bill aims to identify “protected areas of Camotes Islands,” which only makes up about 4,000 hectares out of the 20,000-hectare land area of the islands.This leaves at least 16,000 hectares as alienable and disposable land where developments will be allowed.

Durano said the islands is rich with natural white sand beaches and other attractions like Lake Danao and the Bukilat Cave, which has a lot potential for tourism which is what the national government is pushing to achieve inclusive growth.

At present, there are several resorts in Camotes to accommodate tourists such as Santiago Bay Garden Resort, Mangodlong Rock Resort, My Little Island Hotel, Mangodlong Paradise Resort, Flying Fish Resort and Heritage Hotel.

San Francisco Mayor Aly Arquillano said there are at least 200 rooms available in the town for tourists.

“Everyday we have about three round trips from Danao to Camotes with at least 1,000 travellers, which only means that there are a lot of people now visiting us especially in San Francisco where most of the tourists attractions are located,” Arquillano said.

Investments on power and water supply are among the type of investments that the local executives including Pilar mayor Jesus Fernandez, Tudela mayor Erwin Yu and Poro Mayor Luciano Rama are considering as priority investments as it will help attract more investors in the island.

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