Myanmar: Maungmagan the second oldest beach destination after Ngapali

Myanmar: Maungmagan the second oldest beach destination after Ngapali

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Maungmagan is the second oldest beach in Myanmar after Ngapali.

It is approximately 45-minutes drive away from Dawei. It was a popular beach destination in Myanmar until the establishment of Chaungtha which is much closer to Yangon.

Starting last year, the beach has been packed with visitors around the country. Last week, visitors from Kachin State came with three buses. Some were from Yangon.

Not only local group tours or families but also foreign travelers visit the beach very often now as Yangon- Dawei road is improved. I think more people will be visiting the beach in the future,” a shopkeeper said.

Though the number of visitors has increased in Maungmagan, there are not many places to accommodate the visitors.

The main problem is not enough rooms for the visitors especially during holidays. There are only ten bungalows on the beach. It will be much more convenient (for the visitors) if there are enough hotels on the beach. Many restaurants are located along the beach” a local shop owner said.

Dawei Development Public Company is planning to build more hotels on the beach. Investors have also expressed their interest in hotel business at Maungmagan beach area.


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