Maldives: Offers 5 resort islands for development

Maldives: Offers 5 resort islands for development

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President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom said five additional islands to be developed as resorts would be opened for bidding this year.

President Yameen said the five islands to be opened for bidding would increase income and job opportunities in Northern atolls. He noted that government would take steps to promote tourism business in areas that didn’t have any tourist resorts.

President Yameen said that while tourism industry produced many job opportunities, work still needed to be done for Maldivians to enjoy those benefits. He appealed for all relevant authorities to provide and facilitate opportunities for Maldivians in tourism industry, and to place great importance on the issue.

President noted the significant increase in tourist arrivals to Maldives this year and credited national airline, Maldivian, for their work. He said that the airline needed to be developed and strengthened, to further increase tourist arrivals.

He singled out Thumburi Guest House Island Project as a golden opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses to get into Maldivian tourism industry.

“We are working on introducing such projects in the future,” he said.


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