Malaysia: Port Dickson leads the way with central sewage system

Malaysia: Port Dickson leads the way with central sewage system

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While Phuket cant’t get its act together on basic environment management and Bali wonders whether hotels should connect to its centralised sewage treatment plant, Port Dickson, as well as Boracay, mean business when it comes to protecting the environment.

The state government has given a two-year period for hotels and premises here to carry out connections to the RM300-million centralised sewage project in Kuala Sawah and Sua Betong, which is now completed.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said legal action, including closing errant premises, would be taken if it was not done after two years as ample time was given.

“I am firm on this matter as I no longer want to see dirty waste water from hotels and premises enter the sea. Enough is enough and I want a stop to it.

“We have built the centralised sewage system and had spent a lot of money and I want to see all premises here make the connections to the system,” he told reporters here after officiating at the opening the 2014 national level International Forestry Day celebration at the Tropical Forest Management Edu-Ecotourism Centre near here.

Mohamad hoped all business premises would comply with the directive because he could no longer bear to see the sea off Port Dickson polluted because it was a national beach resort area.

He was confident the quality of the sea water off Port Dickson would get better following the directive’s compliance.


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