Kiplinger recommends Penang as retirement destination

Kiplinger recommends Penang as retirement destination

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Kiplinger rates Penang one of the top 8 places to retire internationally. And the only retirement destination highlighted in Asia.


Proximity to major airport

Penang International Airport is 11 miles south of George Town. At least one flight connection is required to reach the U.S.

Access to health care

Foreigners routinely travel to Malaysia for affordable, quality medical and dental services. There are several hospitals and clinics in and around George Town.

Cost of living

Malaysia came in third, behind only Thailand and the Philippines, in the Global Retirement Index in terms of lowest living costs. An American couple can get along extremely well on $1,500 a month.

The Attraction

Over the past decade 19,488 foreigners, including 815 North Americans, have taken advantage of a program called Malaysia My Second Home, which offers retirement incentives such as long-term residency status and breaks on car imports and purchases. Applicants must meet strict financial requirements.

But there is a charm and bustle to George Town, the capital of the Malaysian state of Penang. A Unesco World Heritage site, Malaysia’s oldest city is known for its rich history but also for its street food and intriguing architecture. It’s populated mainly by ethnic Chinese.


English is spoken, thanks to the country’s historical tie to Britain.


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