Indonesia: Seribu islands lack infrastructure

Indonesia: Seribu islands lack infrastructure

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Although known as one of leading tourist destination, yet Seribu Islands still have various problems. This statement was conveyed by Regent of Seribu Islands, Asep Syarifuddin in seminar of 12th anniversary Seribu Islands Regency in one of star-rated hotels in Central Jakarta, Thursday (10/31).

Syarifuddin said that those problems are lack of clean water supply, standard dock, transportation and power supply, either for tourism and residential sectors.

Of the 11 ships, only 3 out of them are active. Even, waste problem still unresolved in Seribu Islands. “In fact, wastes in the island comes from 13 rivers in Jakarta. We hope it can be resolved soon,” he expected.

Especially for tourism sector, there have been investors who will invest in Pari Island. “Our expectation is Seribu Islands can really become a tourist destination and a source of income of Jakarta government,” he stated.

Jakarta Governor, Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo who also attended the seminar said that Seribu Islands’ problem is a technical matter that should be resolved. “I’ve seen this condition. Spatial planning is available, we should be able to distinguish where residential and forest. Its designation is also clear, just focus it on tourism sector,” he uttered.

He asked such problems to be included in administration`s 2014 city budget (RAPBD) for budgeting. “In 2014, APBD will increase approximately Rp 67 trillion. This is a chance, but it cannot be realized if there is no input or brilliant idea. Just take it if you want a progress. All are available, so it depends on our initiative. That’s it,” asserted Jokowi.

Regarding investment, he continued, can be searched with creative steps but still with prudence in environmental problems and its designation in each area. “Do not let the island is used as protected forests for hotel, and resort. I have seen some. So, you can develop the islands well but there must be the rules also,” he finished.

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