Indonesia: Domestic Tourist Destinations Popular in 2014

Indonesia: Domestic Tourist Destinations Popular in 2014

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Labuan Bajo predicted to grow the most from domestic tourists. According to Wikipedia: “Labuan Bajo is a fishing town located at the western end of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of east Indonesia. Once a small fishing village, Labuan Bajo (also spelled Labuhanbajo and Labuanbajo) in Flores is now a busy bustling center of tourism.[1] It is the launching point for trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island,”

A global travel search site, Skyscanner, predict a number of regions in Indonesia, which will begin to be a popular Indonesia tourist destination in 2014.

Based on data from Skyscanner is known that there are ten local regions that will be popular in 2014, they are:

  • Labuan Bajo (178 percent),
  • Belitung (137 percent),
  • Pontianak (44 percent),
  • London (32 percent),
  • Malang (25 percent),
  • Pangkal Pinang (23 percent),
  • Mataram (23 percent),
  • Bali,
  • Tarakan,
  • Bandar Lampung.

Skyscanner stated that domestic tourism will continue to grow, especially on weekend. This is in line with a rigorous effort by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to promote domestic travel, which includes the construction of new airports and luxury hotels as supporting facilities.

Preparation of events such as APEC Summit in Bali last October to make progress in the development of infrastructure that provides better connections for domestic travelers to local tourist destinations are worth a visit.

Public leave policy from the government and the provision of additional holidays encourage domestic tourism.

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