Hainan: Wanning ‘smart tourism city’

Hainan: Wanning ‘smart tourism city’

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Wanning, which strives to boost its tourist industry by investing in making itself “smarter,” is among 193 trial cities that have been approved by China’s urban planning authorities to develop into “smart cities.”

The smart city program, initiated last November, is part of the country’s efforts to explore ways to foster a new type of urbanization.

Analysts believe that the program has presented a beautiful picture for both the country’s future urban life and the potential of its economic growth.

First created by IBM, the “smart cities” concept promotes the use of new technologies such as the “Internet of Things,” which allows users to control and manipulate objects through computers and cloud computing to boost information sharing and coordination within a city.

A report conducted by McKinsey Global Institute showed that China’s urban population will grow from 63 million in 2010 to reach 990 million in 2030, and cities with a population exceeding 1 million are likely to increase from 153 to 226 in the period.

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