Hainan: Wanning Riyue Bay Sun Island land reclamation

Hainan: Wanning Riyue Bay Sun Island land reclamation

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The main construction work of the Sun Island Reclamation Project, which is located in Waning’s Riyue bay, or Sun Moon Bay, is expected to be completed by the end of September, according to reports.

The reclamation project, with a total investment of 710 million yuan, covers around 492,000 square meters.

According to plans, the artificial island is to be constructed into a brand new international tourism resort with facilities including surf clubs, yacht clubs, hotels, an aquarium, a business center, a yacht dock and a fireworks square.

The island is expected to receive around 5 million tourists annually after completion, generating annual revenue of 3 billion yuan and creating 12,000 jobs.

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