Hainan: Wanning Da Hua Jiao coastal tourism resort zone

Hainan: Wanning Da Hua Jiao coastal tourism resort zone

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A new plan to build the Wanning Dahuajiao Scenic Spot into a coastal tourism resort zone has been unveiled to the public to seek proposals for better planning and management.

Located at Hele Town, Dahuajiao is a provincial-level natural reserve. Under the plan, the Dahuajiao Coastal Tourism Resort Zone will consist of an international sea angling base, a tropical wetland park and an international rehabilitation and healthcare tourism center.

The southeast planning area will feature a sea angling museum, yacht marina and club, special fishing market and the healthcare area will be equipped with rehabilitation facilities and ecological resort apartments

Currently, a tourism road linking Shimei Bay and Dahuajiao is underway to help boost the local tourism industry in Wanning city.

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