Hainan: Sanya’s Phoenix Island Asia’s largest international cruise port

Hainan: Sanya’s Phoenix Island Asia’s largest international cruise port

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Sanya Phoenix island cruise terminal

According to Xu Zhenling, Deputy Mayor of Sanya city, the Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port is expanding its infrastructure construction. After the construction, it will receive more cruise liners and tourists from home and abroad and will reportedly become the biggest cruise port in Asia.

Xu Zhenling also disclosed the good news that Sanya has launched new measures to simplify travel procedures for cross-border cruise tours and that any Chinese citizens will be able to apply for permits for cross-border cruise tours simply by presenting their ID cards at their local Sanya frontier inspection station.

The simplification of cross-border cruise travel procedures will undoubtedly further promote the development of the Sanya cruise tourism industry.

What’s on Sanya

The Sanya government is striving to build the city into a world-class cruise homeport base, an internationally-known cruise tourism destination and domestic cruise tourism development pilot area by 2020, according to a special plan for the development of the cruise tourism in Sanya (2012-2022).

According to Haikou Customs Department, Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal has become the third international cruise departure port in the country and been recognized as an important homeport by several top international cruise lines including Royal Caribbean and Star Cruises.

Since it officially went into service in 2007, the Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal has received a total of more than 600 inbound and outbound cruises, and ranks number one in China in terms of the passenger volume it received, with revenues generated in the cruise industry reaching nearly 1 billion yuan every year.

Moreover, the government is racing to build the second phase project of Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal. Upon completion, the terminal will feature a 100,000-tonnage terminal, two 150,000-tonnage terminals and a 225,000-tonnage terminal, and will become one of the largest cruise ports in the Asia-Pacific region.

Zhou Chunhua, the director of Sanya Tourism Development Committee, explained that they will strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the country’s east coast regions, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries to launch more new cruise tour routes.

What’s on Sanya

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