Hainan: Haikou plans 16 yacht marinas by 2030

Hainan: Haikou plans 16 yacht marinas by 2030

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Previously Hainan announced 25 new marina locations across the island.

Haikou is planning to complete the construction of 16 public yacht marinas by 2030, according to the latest general plan for Haikou Yacht Marinas.

The new plan identifies a layout structure for three districts, one key river region and one core area. The three districts are dominated by Changliu District, Haikou Urban District and Jiangdong District, while the one key river region and the one being planned are Nandu River and Xiuying Port in Haikou Bay, respectively.

The yacht marinas are part of the city’s development of its coastal holiday, yacht tourism and water sports and entertainment industries.

According to the plan, Haikou will start construction on the yacht marinas in Dongying, Simapo Island, Jinsha Bay, Dongwu Village of Nandu River and Ruyi Island in 2030. The number of yacht berths in the region is expected to reach 3,500, which will be able to meet the increasing market demand.

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