Hainan: Developing Baogang Yacheng as coastal tourism destination

Hainan: Developing Baogang Yacheng as coastal tourism destination

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The bays east of Sanya are in the process of being developed. Looks like now coastal resort development is moving westward of Sanya.

The region of Baogang in Yacheng Town, Sanya will become an attractive area for tourists as a new project has recently been approved by local authorities to build it into a tropical coastal tourism resort.

The project site covers 1.77 square kilometers, starting from Yazhou Fishing Port in the east and stretching to Xibianjie in the west; and runs from the coastline of Yazhou Bay in the south to the west line expressway in the north.

Besides, various yacht-themed hotels, yacht marinas and a residential community will be built along the Yanzao River area while the area stretching along the coast will be developed to show Yazhou Bay’s inherent charms of ocean, greenery and peace, providing visitors with an exquisite leisurely experience.

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