Hainan: Coastal development regulations introduced

Hainan: Coastal development regulations introduced

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According to What’s on Sanya,Hainan is making the right moves in terms of protecting its coastline.

Hainan has recently introduced new regulations to better manage coastline development in the region, a significant move to get its golden seashore over-development under control.

Under new regulations, which will take effect on May 1st, 2013, local enterprises and individuals should make plans in line with the regulation to guide the protection and the development of resources along the shore.

To reduce the threat caused by the man-made waterfront buildings further affecting the dynamic movement of water and altering the shape of coastline, the regulations detail the shoreline receding for a considerable distance should reach more than 200 meters.

Man-made buildings that protrude into the bay should have a height limit and more greenery is called for, to be planted within the area to save the coastline from further damage.

In response to the sustained media coverage of public resources having been deliberately converted into private property, the new regulation also states 5-star hotels, luxury villas and waterfront apartment buildings are not allowed to use their beach sections for business or monetary gain.

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