Hainan: 25 new yacht marinas

Hainan: 25 new yacht marinas

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According to the 2013 Hainan Cruise & Yacht Industry Development Summit which was held from October 11th to 12th, Hainan is planning to complete the construction of 25 public yacht marinas boasting a total of 14,200 public berths by 2030.

The 25 public yacht marinas will be built in Sanya, Haikou, Chengmai, Wenchang, Lingshui, Ledong, Qionghai, Wanning; Danzhou, ChangJiang and other counties and cities in Hainan, and will therefore be situated throughout the wonderful tropical tourism island.

These public yacht marinas will focus on the development of coastal vacations, yacht tourism and water sports & entertainment.

There are now 7 international yacht marinas with a total of 1,170 berths in Hainan, including Sanya Visun International Yacht Marina, Sanya Serenity Marina, Sanya Yalong Bay Yacht Club, Wanning Shimei Bay Yacht Club, Haikou Mayard International Yacht Club, Haikou Xinbu Island International Yacht Club and Wenchang Gaolong Bay Yacht Club.

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