Hainan: 11 land reclamation islands

Hainan: 11 land reclamation islands

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According to the Hainan Marine and Fishery Bureau, the provincial government has approved the construction of 11 artificial islands around the island, involving a total sea filling area of 1,845 hectares.

In 2013, the retention rate of Hainan shoreline reached 64.27%, higher than the national average of 40%,

It is reported that the planning period was from 2002 to 2015. Among them, 5 artificial islands have been completed including the HNA West Coastline Artificial Island, Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island in Haikou, two in Wenchang and one in Riyue Bay in Wanning.

The others that are under construction or are to be constructed include the second phase of Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal, Sanya Yazhou Central Fishing Port, Haikou Ruyi Island and Danzhou Haihua Island.

The total area of the Ruyi Island (716 hectares) on the east coastline of Haikou and Haihua Island (783 hectares) near Baimajing Town in Danzhou accounts for 81% of the area of all the artificial islands.

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