China: Hainan planning locations for yacht marinas

China: Hainan planning locations for yacht marinas

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With Hainan planning to be the sailing capital of China and if you are in the marina business this is an important bit of news:

The first national layout plan for yacht marinas, Layout Plan of Hainan Yacht Marinas, has been recently approved by experts.

The new plan states a layout structure of two core areas and four key regions. The two core areas are dominated by Haikou and Sanya, while the four key regions under planning include Haikou as the leading city for the northern region, Sanya for the southern region, Qionghai for the eastern region and Danzhou for the western region.

The key cities in the four major regions will give priority to the construction of large-scale and comprehensive yacht marinas. Other coastal cities are also making plans for the development of yacht tourism and water sports.

According to the plan, the total number of yacht marinas and berth numbers in 12 cities and counties across the island are expected to meet basic market demand, attracting a total 7,700 and 23,500 yachts by 2020 and 2030 respectively and the annual increase rate will remain between 10% and 15%.

What’s on Sanya

Location Map

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