Cambodia: Cheung Sheng Global plans Siem Reap integrated resort

Cambodia: Cheung Sheng Global plans Siem Reap integrated resort

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Cheung Sheng Global Holdings, the masterminds of the Siem Reap Metropolis Project in Cambodia, announced its intentions to enter the tourism and hospitality industry of Cambodia. With a booming tourism industry and visitor rates escalating at more than 20% per annum, this backbone industry has since the re-opening of Cambodian doors, wooed numerous investors, and Cheung Sheng now joins the flanks as a major player in this market with yet many more opportunities of exploit.

Earlier this month, Cheung Sheng announced the plans for the Oasis Integrated Resort, sited along the ring road of Siem Reap City and 3 minutes away from the Siem Reap Night Market. The project covers an estimated area of 18,000 square metres, and includes a 120 room medium-sized boutique hotel, retail and pub areas, and the largest open concept glass-lined ceiling food street, which will house a mix of local and international culinary delights that would capture the mouths and hearts of all tourists visiting the area, and locals too.

Mr. Jerome Ang, Chairman of Cheung Sheng Global Holdings said, “Siem Reap is a great place with all its heritage, but there is really little one can do when nightfall approaches. We all realized this problem when after a while we simply had nowhere to go in the nights that we spent in the city. The night market is a place you would go once or twice, but not repeatedly. The city lacks a place that would keep people hanging out throughout the night, again and again.”

Mr. Robin Teo, General Manager of Cheung Sheng Development Cambodia added, “The Oasis Integrated Resort project will house not just the best mix of food-fare the city has seen, it will also be home to a row of pubs, each pub designed for a nationality group, such as Japanese pub, Korean pub, Chinese pub, etc. This will be the first pub street in Cambodia that pools together international culture into a single spot, while the hotel, retail and dining options are just a stroll away.”

The construction of this project is set to start in June 2014 and all its elements should be operational by the first quarter of 2015.

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