Myanmar’s Tourism Master Plan Final Draft Report 2013

Myanmar’s Tourism Master Plan Final Draft Report 2013

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Myanmanr Tourism Master Plan Final Draft Report 2013


Although in the form of a Final Draft Report, this is the actual Myanmar Tourism Master Plan 2013 to 2020 from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (download PDF below). We had earlier commented on the coastal tourism initiatives based on the ADB’s Myanmar Tourism Master Plan Summary / Fast Facts here.

While we questioned the comprehensiveness of the coastal initiatives in the ADB summary after having read through the full report I think an alternative title could have been ‘tourism development framework’ rather than ‘tourism master plan’. Its apparent that a lot of work still needs to be done going forward whether in coastal tourism or otherwise. And master planning, as understood as a physical planning exercise, will be one aspect.


Coastal Tourism Development Locations

The below map taken from this final draft report confirms that Chaungtha, Ngwesaung and Ngapali are primary coastal destinations (represented by the blue star).  While the ADB summary does not mention the Mergui / Myeik Archipelago its shown here as ‘Emerging/Potential Tourist Destination’ (represented by the red star) together with the coastal town of Kyaikkhami. What’s missing is any mention of Maungmagan which is another beach destination in the south.

Click on the map to enlarge.

Myanmar Tourism Master Plan Location Map


Physical Planning

Aspects of the master plan relevant to coastal tourism development are its emphasis on destination planning. Here are two relevant development objectives among many more in the report.

Key Objective 3.1: Develop Innovative and Integrated Approaches to Destination Planning and Management

this objective will draw on international good practice to strengthen the capacity of national, state and regional tourism planners to prepare integrated destination management plans that are appropriate for the local context and embrace the issues. While plans will eventually be prepared for all of the main and secondary destinations, Bagan, Inle, Kyaithto and the main domestic beach destinations have been prioritized for immediate action because they face the greatest challenges from rapid tourism growth.

Key Objective 3.3: Improve Zoning In Tourism Destinations

All tourism infrastructure projects will seek to avoid and minimize negative impacts on the physical environment and respect the cultural landscape. The planning process will include mapping and zoning of sites and destinations to ensure the protection of key habitats and natural and cultural assets. Zoning regulations will allocate land for infrastructure and commercial activities, including hotel construction.


We will shortly be following up with a post ‘Myanmar: How will economic growth impact coastal tourism development?’ which provides a forward view on the extent of coastal tourism in the country.


Myanmar Tourism Master Plan 2013-2020 Final Draft Report

Download (PDF, 4.33MB)


Images: Myanmar Tourism Master Plan Final Draft Report 2013

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