Myanmar: CP Thailand scouts Mergui archipelago

Myanmar: CP Thailand scouts Mergui archipelago

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Now that Myanmar is opening up to the world again its only a matter of time real estate developers start to notice the tourism development potential in the Mergui archipelago. The only tourism in this location now appears to be diving. But that may be about to change. 

Myanmar Visa, a Myanmese business and tourism related website, reports that one of the largest Thai business groups, CP Thailand, is scouting around the Mergui. Do you think its for a project related to their core agricultural business?

CP Thailand is eyeing the Islands of Mergui Archipelago. 2 men team from CP tour the islands of Mergui with the help of officials in Kawthaung equipped with latest satellite maps and detail information. Local representative who will base in Kawthaung said the Chairman of CP will be coming in near future for final decision. At least 6 islands including Wa-ale, Kyun philar or Great Swington are shortlisted. These islands also are tried by local cronies and already passed some ministries approval. Islands of Mergui Archipelago is becoming very popular for their above and under water beauty and well preserved flora and fauna.

For a scale comparison, Great Swinton island has a land area of about 2,000 hectares (20 square kilometers) or about 10 percent the size of Koh Samui.

Speculating . . .

Big business group (with a property arm), inspection of several smallish undeveloped islands, site visits with satellite maps and personal visit by the Chairman could be suggesting something other than a non-resort project or simply a 5-star hotel.



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