Land Development & District Cooling: Appoint Your Consultants Early!

Land Development & District Cooling: Appoint Your Consultants Early!

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District cooling is land use intensive in terms of land required for the cooling plant as well as and right of way for pipes.

For high density land development projects it make a lot of sense to implement a district cooling system – the economics are easy to justify. Pipe network cost amounts to 50% of total district cooling development cost. The other 50% being plant cost. Knowing that ratio makes it a no brainer.

However, make sure you address the land requirements early on. Bring in the consultants to specify plant size and area requirements as well as chill water pipe network layout early on.  These have to be incorporated into the master plan right from the start! Retrofitting a DC system after the civil infrastructure is in place is frustrating, expensive and time consuming!

We will have a post on implementing district cooling system in an existing urban setting later on.

Photo: Melbourne Water

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