Lagoi Bay Bintan the Future ‘Waikiki’ of Asia?

Lagoi Bay Bintan the Future ‘Waikiki’ of Asia?

Lagoi Bay Bintan Resort Development

Is Lagoi Bay Bintan staging itself to be the future ‘Waikiki’ in Asia?  Close, but not exactly.

Judging from the master plan it’s a relatively dense development with sufficient density to create a population base.  Interestingly too, Lagoi Bay measures about 5km on Google Earth. That’s  approximately the length of Waikiki beach in Hawaii, Patong beach in Phuket and Kuta & Legian beach in Bali.

Coupled with Bintan’s strategic location it’s only a matter of time that it becomes a key player in regional tourism. But what’s most important is Lagoi Bay Bintan has been master planned to be the next generation resort destination where hotels, resorts and condominiums are integrated together with a purpose-built resort town. This integration is a key determinant for scaling up a destination. Without which it’s just a collection of hotels.

If recent news on the new regional airport in Bintan pans out it builds further momentum for the island over the longer term. See report here.

However, keep in mind the best master plans mean nothing if you fail to execute well and move quickly.

Resort Condominiums

If you look closely at the master plan you’ll realize there’s close to two dozen resort condominium sites behind the row of beach front hotels. That easily amounts to about 2,000 condominium apartments overlooking both the inland lake as well as the ocean. And that’s not even including the residential zones behind the lake which could easily double the room inventory further.

Resort Shophouses

The resort shophouse / retail / F&B parcels in the Lagoi Beach Village appear to be mostly sold as well.  It’s not surprising as shophouse investors are commonly among the first wave of small investors in Asia. I guess they have a nose for what will eventually turnout to be the prime retail location in the entire resort.


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