Project Development Cross Disciplinary Thinking

Project Development Cross Disciplinary Thinking

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The post Bridging the project development knowledge gap touched on the importance of cross disciplinary thinking for project development.

Here educator and thinker Ken Robinson credits this approach and believes cross disciplinary thinking is necessary for organizational innovation.

On organizational creativity begins from 5:0 minutes and after referring to organizational innovation and creativity at Cisco Systems:

What they deliberately do there is bring together cross disciplinary teams

the whole emphasis is on collaboration . . .

and this to me is important . . . creativity is about making connections

about seeing relationships

about opening up new possibilities

and . .  if you have an organization . . .

where all the different disciplines are kept separate from each other . . .

where people only talk within their own specialism

its much less likely that you will get that spark of innovation that comes from people

comparing and exchanging ideas across different

fields of activity . . . the different disciplines

so a big bit of it for me, of leading a culture of innovation,

is to recognize that real creative thinking isn’t solo,

its not an individual performance . . .

but much more often innovation and creative thinking comes from people collaborating . . . from working in teams . . .

and its one of the other ways by the way you get stifled in education

because people are assessed as individuals rather than working collaboratively

and if you really want that spark of creative culture

it comes together from the mixing of people’s ideas.”

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