Island clusters in the South China Sea – Disputed and Non

Island clusters in the South China Sea – Disputed and Non

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South China Sea Resort Tourism Development

A discussion on Asia coastal tourism destination development will be incomplete without briefly mentioning the islands in the South China Sea – disputed and non-disputed.

Disputed islands

There are two clusters of disputed islands – Paracel (Xisha) islands and Spratly (Nansha) islands.

Aside from China starting to offer tours to the Paracel islands the only coastal development here is of the military sort.

A Google Map scan fails to show many sizable islands worthy of resort development unlike the Maldives.

If you’d like to find out more about the disputes there’s a page in Wikipedia called  “Nine Dotted (Dashed) Line”.

Non-disputed islands

Kepulauan Riau Resort Tourism Development

There are also two clusters of non-disputed islands – Anambas islands and Natuna islands. In the map above these two clusters are denoted as ‘Kepulauan Natuna’ at the bottom left corner. They are part of the Riau Province of Indonesia.

The larger cluster known as Natuna has a main island with a land area almost three times larger than Singapore. These islands are known more for their oil and gas fields than for tourism.

Natuna Resort Tourism Development

From a tourism standpoint we think these islands offer an interesting potential due to their location. We discussed how these islands are within a 3 hour flight time from many Asian cities.

Images: Wikipedia, China Daily Mail, Premier Oil

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