Energy Resources Management (ERM)

Energy Resources Management (ERM)

Energy Resources Management has been helping hotel owners and operators all around Asia since 1992. Our clients have saved millions of dollars in previously wasted energy expense.

The Challenge

In today’s world a company’s success is directly proportional to its ability to harness all its resources to improve its competitiveness. There is no room for management and staff time given over to non-core activities, for cash flow diverted to unnecessary expenses, or for capital tied up in inappropriate plant and equipment.


Our vision is to see a time when every building owner and operator in Asia gains absolutely maximum value from every dollar they spend on energy; zero waste.


Our mission is simple: to ensure that owners and managers who really want their buildings to be energy efficient actually achieve that goal.


By concentrating exclusively on the field of energy management, ERM specialists are able to stay up-to-date with the most effective techniques, the most fruitful management strategies, the best software, the most recent research results, and the latest measurement and testing tools and equipment. This single focus also allows us to constantly evaluate the products and technologies on the market, as well as the people who install and support them. In addition, ERM monitors proposed legislation, energy price changes, and ordinance interpretations that could affect building energy costs.

The Benefits to You

With the sum of this knowledge, ERM is in a unique position to know what it is going to take to bring any particular building to its peak level of energy efficiency, and then to keep it there. The result is lower costs, and more quickly. Not to mention better overall building performance, happier tenants, occupants and staff, longer equipment life, and an improved environmental profile.

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