India: Goa’s tourism masterplan attracts consultants

India: Goa’s tourism masterplan attracts consultants

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The Times of India says that 14 consultants responded to a global tender to draft a tourism master plan for the state.

Goa’s Goal

The request for proposal (RFP) seeks the best ideas to develop an integrated tourism product capable of attracting a low-volume, high-yield segment of the international tourism market to spend their entire holiday in Goa.


‘The master plan must identify appropriate institutional frameworks, legislation and organizational structures in place; suggest the creation of an attractive climate for enterprise development and investment; suggest a road map for having a skilled labour force capable of meeting international service standards,’ it states.


The RFP will have to highlight the current tourism scenario in Goa, provide an overview of the tourism scenario wrapping up current prospects, future possibilities in the growth of the industry in a sustainable manner.

Destination Marketing

It should also recommend a destination campaign to create strong market awareness to create knowledge and understanding of the market place.

Target Market

It should also provide an overview of type of visitors to the state; nature and duration of stay, average spending, spending patterns, break up of visitor arrivals, purpose of visit, transportation types, visitor profile, type of activities preferred, etc.


It needs to reflect competitive advantage and strengths of tourism, the shortfalls and product weaknesses, and highlight main priorities for Goa tourism industry for the next 5-20 years set out as short term, medium and long term.

Development Plans

The tourism plan should have phased development and land requirement as well as a phasing plan. Evaluation of the plans are made where development cost, land use efficiency, phase development, future expansion, aesthetics, regional planning aspects, cultural ethos of the state are taken into consideration.

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