Hainan: Sanya Bay Haipo District detailed planning approved

Hainan: Sanya Bay Haipo District detailed planning approved

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Sanya is moving in the fast lane in terms of developing their resort town planning. From What’s on Sanya:

According to Sanya urban planning bureau, the Regulatory Detailed Planning and Design of Sanya Bay Haipo District has been officially approved by experts. The district is expected to be built into a aenergetic resort and regional modern and multifunctional new city.

The planned area of Haipo district covers an area of 10.26 square kilometers, starting from the central part of Sanya Bay in the east and stretching to the coastline in the south; and runs from Xiaoqi Port in the west to Haiyu West line in the north.

The stretching area along the coast from the east and west will be developed to show Sanya Bay’s inherent charms of ocean, greenery and city, providing visitors with exquisite leisure experiences. Meanwhile, internal planning for Haipo district area will divided into 4 different functional sections featuring yacht service, leisure golf and ecological urban living environments.

Besides, various water sports, ocean-themed hotels and restaurants, yacht marinas and recreation plazas will be built within the south part of Xincheng Road and Sanya Bay Branch Road while its north part covers the residential community, sport center and medical support facilities.

After this planning, this district will become Sanya’s modern district with a reasonable layout, complete facilities, and excellent surroundings.

The location map below shows the general location of the Sanya Bay Haipo District. Boundaries may not be exact but the shaded area marked out is very close to 10 square kilometers. Click on ‘Satellite’ for more detailed view.

Location Map


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