Readers overwhelmingly believe Desaru Coast should be bigger

Readers overwhelmingly believe Desaru Coast should be bigger

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In July 2012 we published a post titled ‘Malaysia: Desaru Coast an international tourism destination?’.  In it we suggested that the tourism plan for Desaru did not fully take advantage of the unique location next to Singapore. If you are not familiar with the Desaru Coast destination project click on the weblink to find out more. At the end of the post we asked readers whether they thought Desaru Coast could be significantly scaled up as an international tourism destination.

We are glad to say poll results overwhelming shows that the Desaru Coast master plan should definitely be ‘up-sized’.  More than 80% of the 98 readers polled agree with our conclusions. Refer to results below.

Considering that peninsula Malaysia has Langkawi as the only major coastal tourism destination will this prompt the master developer, Destination Resort Holdings, to review the overall strategy? After all, judging from Phuket’s success, coastal resort destinations will likely be one of the main beneficiaries of Asia’s tourism boom.

If you’ve participated in this poll we’d like to say, thank you!


Desaru Coast Poll


Image: Destination Resort Holdings

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