Resort Design Development Guidelines : Environment

Resort Design Development Guidelines : Environment

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In cases where your land development project is out of the jurisdiction of local planning authorities its still good to have environmental guidelines. This not only preserves the value of your investment over the longer term but also gives confidence to real estate investors participating in your project.


These are some basic environmental guidelines to look into:

Baseline Noise Levels

This is a common maximum noise level that everyone should adhere to whether during the construction or during operations. It help maintain a peaceful environment for all. Noise levels are measured in dB(A) and based on well accepted norms.

Air Quality Levels

Minimizes excessive levels of air pollutants in order to maintain a high environment standard. Air quality standards are derived from WHO, USEPA or local standards guidelines.

Pesticides and Fertilisers

These are used for landscaping, golf courses and for termite control. Again, there are some chemicals that are recommended while others should not be used.

Effluent Water Quality

Sewage treatment plant discharge should follow international best practices to avoid long term environmental degradation. In past years there have been widespread news reports of resort destinations dumping poorly treated sewage waste into the ocean.  This is short term thinking and harms not only the environment but also give a negative image to potential investors.

Waste Management

There ought to be well planned waste management system in place. This applies not only to land clearing waste, disposal of construction waste but also waste generated once the project is in operations. Again, like the other environmental points this should not be an after thought.

Photo:  eutrophication&hypoxia

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