Credits for photos and images are located at the bottom of each post with links back to the authors page (mainly in Flikr).

General images credits:

Hawaii: Alan Light

National Flags:

Australia mudei para

Cambodia: mattwl

China Peter Fuchs

Egypt: Jez

Greece: George Rex

India: Cajie

Indonesia: Mr T in DC

Japan: Okinawa Hai

Laos: patrikmloeff

Malaysia: E.T.

Maldives: Paolo Rosa

Myanmar: Eastenhuh

Philippines: 3dom

Singapore: Taekwonweirdo

Sri Lanka: Images of Sri Lanka

Taiwan Max Chu

Timor Leste: Nomad Tales’

Thailand: ChooNoi

Vietnam: BenandAsho

Bali: Adit Chandra


The music for the TLR video is from Templates Wise a site for Power Point templates and sound loops.